GD- 6-1 Video Tutorial: Photoshop Filters

GD- 6-1 Video Tutorial: Photoshop Filters 

Work along with the Photoshop Filters video tutorial to add filters to your photos. 

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  1. 00:03:39 

    I should always convert to a Smart Filter if I can. 

    • True

    • False


  2. 00:04:04 

    Why do we convert to Smart Filters? 


  3. 00:05:00 

    What is the EASIEST way to see a preview of my whole picture in the filter gallery? 

    • Ctrl -

    • Fit View

    • Ctrl +

    • Zoom to 100%


  4. 00:05:50 

    I can't change anything about a filter. 

    • True

    • False


  5. 00:06:00 

    To apply a filter from the filter gallery, simply click the filter. 

    • True

    • False


  6. 00:06:32 

    Which is a benefit of the filter gallery? 

    • Multiple Filters

    • Preview many filters

    • A & B

    • The filter gallery is the same as the filter menu


  7. 00:07:25 

    Which is NOT a benefit of Smart Filters 

    • I can turn on/off filter

    • I can double click to change the filter

    • Non-destructive

    • All are benefits


  8. 00:08:39 

    In order to use a filter to blur out the background of an image, my first step after converting for smart filters is to      

    • Open filter gallery

    • Select the background

    • Select the part I don't want blurred

    • Add the blur filter


  9. 00:09:09 

    How do I add a motion blur? 


  10. 00:09:24 

    I can edit Smart Filters. 

    • True

    • False


  11. 00:12:25 

    When using the Iris Blur, the inner pins determine      , while the outer pins tell me      

    • Where the blur starts, where the blur stops

    • How big the blur is, how strong the blur is

    • Where the blur starts, where the blur is at full strength

    • What is blurred, how strong the blur is


  12. 00:13:16 

    I can only have one spot that is not blurred using an Iris Filter 

    • True

    • False


  13. 00:13:33 

    What was the difference between the Iris blur selective filter and the Motion blur filter? 


  14. 00:14:40 

    Which is the BEST sharpen filter that we should use? 

    • Sharpen

    • Sharpen Edges

    • Sharpen More

    • Smart Sharpen


  15. 00:15:42 

    What does the Radius option do in terms of sharpening? 


  16. 00:16:35 

    What is the relationship of noise and the amount of pixels we see in a photograph? 

    • There is no relationship

    • The higher the noise, the more pixels we see

    • The higher the noise, the less pixels we see

    • Noise and the amount of pixels increase/decrease equally


  17. 00:16:53 

    What range should we have our radius in most of the time? 

    • 0-1

    • 0-2

    • 25-50

    • 100


  18. 00:16:57 

    I should drag my amount of sharpening until? 


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