CCE Oil Unit

CCE Oil Unit  


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    During this video you will have several windows pop up just like this. Some windows will be multiple choice questions, others will be written response. Some will just be information like this.  Simply follow the steps to ensure a proper review for your upcoming test on Oil/Lubrication systems.  


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    The Cameras Point of view has just entered into the?  

    • The engine

    • Oil Distribution System

    • Oil Pan

    • Oil Pump


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    It's the middle of winter in Chicago!

    Lets assume that a 5w oil

    (NON-muliti-weight) was being used in this engine. Which of the following would occur once the motor was warmed up to operating temperature? 

    • The oil would be to thick to circulate through the distribution system. (Wendy's straw effect)

    • The oil would be too thin and the motor would not have enough protection

    • The engine would operate normal. That is an acceptable oil type for a modern engine. 


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    According to oil specialist, how do we know when oil is 'broke down' and no longer usable? 

    • When its color is honey brown

    • When its color is black

    • When its color is black and thick

    • When there is any sign of black color


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    Write down a circumstance when oil would not be distributed through the engine in a timely manner and cause metal on metal contact to occur?  


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    When is sludge formed? 

    • When oil is not changed for 3000 -5000 miles

    • When synthetic oil is not changed for 5000 - 7000 miles

    • When any oil is not changed for 10,000 miles or more


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    Additives break down while sitting in the bottle unopened on the shelf at the local parts store causing oil to go bad? True or false? 

    • True

    • False


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    Where is the stream of oil about to enter? 

    • The valve cover

    • The oil pan

    • The fill cap

    • The Drain Pan


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    Detergents are one of the main reasons that oil turns black but is still completely usable.  


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    What is the main additive in normal everyday oil and even Mr. E's performance oil that decreases engine wear?  

    • Copper

    • Tricresyl

    • Bronze

    • Zinc


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    Write this answer down. What are the 2 types of oil filters that you car may have?  


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    Write these answers down..

    1) Where should you check to find out how often you should change you oil? 

    2) How often should you change your oil?  


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    What does SAE stand for? 

    • Standards of Automotive Excellence 

    • Standards of Automotive Engineering 

    • Society of Automotive Engineering

    • Society of Automotive Excellence 


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    What is the Current API oil rating? 


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    According to Mr. E what is the operating Temperature of an engine? It's measured in coolant temp.

    Hint... On 5w30 motor oil - the (30) stands for what the operating temperature is. 

    • 165f-185f

    • 175f - 195f

    • 185f - 205f

    • 195f -205f


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    The lowest quality synthetic oil will out perform the highest quality conventional oil. Myth of Fact? Why? Write it down. 


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    All motor oils are motor oils... really..... have you been paying attention this entire unit....?



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    Thicker oils or heavier viscosity provide better protection than thinner oils? Myth or Fact? Explain why. Write it down. 


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    If you wrote down, it depends on the temperature outside and the application (how worn out your engine is, what your goals are) you were smarter that the actor behind the camera that has been reading the computer screen that he is staring at currently.... Good Job! 

    It all depends guys.  


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    Thanks everyone! Hope you had fun learning :) 


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