Digital Communication, Etiquette and Security

Digital Communication, Etiquette and Security 

A short introduction on the topic of digital communication. 

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    Why do you think Mr. C is upset? 


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    The Digital Citizenship agreement should guide the use of digital devices in the classroom. Take some time to read though it and answer the question below.

    Which tenets of the digital citizenship agreement do you think the girls broke? 

    • Respect Yourself

    • Protect Yourself

    • Respect Others 
    • Protect Others 
    • Respect Property

    • Protect Property 

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    To 'Crocodile' your laptop means putting the screen down, but not all the way. That way it doesn't set the laptop to sleep.

    Why would Mr. C. ask the students to 'Crocodile' their laptops? 

    • Because it stops them from getting distracted by what's on the screen.

    • Because he is angry.


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    Notice how many unread emails are in Chris' inbox.

    Does your inbox look like this? Is it easy to miss important messages if your inbox is full? 


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    What happens when you click the Archive button? 

    • The email is removed from the inbox

    • You can still fins the email with a search

    • You can still find the email in your 'All Mail' folder. 
    • The email is deleted forever. 

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    It is quicker to select multiple emails and archive them at the same time. 


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    You can use the search bar to quickly show you all emails from a particular person, for example. 


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    Why would Chris create a label for all of Ms. Fowler's emails? 

    • So that he can archive them and still find them all in the same place

    • So that he can delete them easily. 
    • So that he can search for them later.


  9. 00:02:27 

    Why would Chris archive all the emails once he has labelled them? 

    • So that they are no longer in the inbox and he can use the inbox for current emails only.

    • To keep them all in the same place.


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    Chris has just received an email from a teacher asking him to respond.

    Which is the most reasonable for the teacher to expect an answer from Chris? 

    • Less than 1 hour

    • Less than 12 hours.

    • Between 24 - 48 hours. 
    • Between 2-3 days 

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    Notice that Chris archived this email because it has been dealt with and no longer needs to be in his inbox? 


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    Chris has received an email from his teacher in the evening asking him to look at some feedback.

    Does the teacher expect Chris to do this now? 

    • Yes

    • No


  13. 00:03:33 

    Chris has drafted an email to his teacher asking when an assignment is due. Should he send it? 

    • Yes

    • No


  14. 00:04:00 

    Why is Chris posting this question to Schoology rather than emailing his teacher directly? 

    • It only needs to be answered once. After than anyone in the class can see the answer.

    • The teacher will see it there quicker.

    • Because it's easier for him to write it there.


  15. 00:04:24 

    Why did Danny lock his computer before he left the classroom? 

    • To keep other students from using it.

    • To save battery.

    • To save bandwidth. 

  16. 00:04:44 

    Should Sandy tell Rita any of her passwords? 

    • Yes

    • No


  17. 00:04:59 

    What should Rita do since she has already shared her password with someone? 

    • Hope they forgot it.

    • Change her password

    • Ask the person not to use it


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    Click here to see a tutorial on how to change your ISD mail password. 


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