Bias, Opinion, and Propaganda

Bias, Opinion, and Propaganda 

Identify bias opinion and propaganda in political cartoons and artwork. 

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    Which of the following shows the most BIAS?


    • The food was green. 
    • He had a sketchy look in his eye that made him seem violent. 
    • There were 326 students at the school on Thursday. 
    • On Saturday, the DTA basketball team was much better than their opponents and they won 26-4. 

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    Go to to watch Bart testify in court!



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    How was Bart biased in his testimony?


    • He said that it was a cloudy day. 
    • He made Burns seem like an evil old man who wanted to hurt him. 
    • He told the jury that there were only two people in the car that hit him. 
    • He admitted that he was riding recklessly on his skateboard. 

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    Go to to see how Burns portrayed the same events!



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    How did Burns' bias change his recollection of the events?


    • He made Bart seem like a reckless kid. 
    • He made himself seem like a really nice guy who would never harm children. 
    • He showed how the weather changed the behavior of the children in the neighborhood. 
    • He was driving a different car. 

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    Write these all down in your notes!



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    Which of the following is the best interpretation of the cartoon? (what is it trying to get you to think?)


    • The flag for the Democrats and Republicans is so similar they should just have one flag. 
    • The Democrats and Republicans are so divided they almost want different countries. 
    • Both the Democrats and Republicans have flags that look like the American flag. 
    • The United States is such a big country it should have two flags. 

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    Look at the cartoon below.  What is the cartoon trying to say about Ferguson, Missouri?


    • Justice has always been dispensed by a white lady. 
    • The Justice system is protecting police officers and is unfair against African Americans. 
    • The court is Ferguson is tall and American, leading to a system that is unjust because it favors women. 
    • The American flag has no place in the court of law because it reveals a bias of the court system. 

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    What are they trying to get you to think?


    • Obama lied about being a hopeful person. 
    • Obama may say good things, but he is really a fraud. 
    • The lie is that Obama's nose is bigger than most pictures make it seem. 

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    How is this an example of propaganda?


    • They use symbols like the helicopter and guns to show that America is powerful. 
    • They use symbols like the Revolutionary War soldiers to show that America only fights for freedom. 
    • They show soldiers marching instead of shooting to show that we are a peaceful nation. 
    • They use three different wars to imply that America rarely fights wars but when we do we win them. 

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    Who does the artist want you to think is the important character in this painting?


    • The Native Americans bowing down before him. 
    • Christopher Columbus, standing tall in the middle. 
    • The man on the left showing his sword to the Native American. 
    • The Native American with his back turned. 

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    What is the cross a symbol for in this painting?


    • The wood was taken from their broken ships to show that they needed help. 
    • Christopher Columbus and the Europeans arrived to spread the Christian religion. 
    • The cross is a symbol for the weakness of the Christian religion compared to the Natives. 
    • It shows that everyone in the picture is a Christian. 

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    What is the message of this painting as an example of propaganda?


    • The Christian religion was going to stay in Europe. 
    • The Europeans were more powerful and deserved to conquer the New World. 
    • Diseases, such as smallpox, would soon kill millions of Native Americans. 
    • The ships and technologies of Europe would transform the New World into a thriving metropolis. 

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    Some scholars describe this piece of artwork as 'racist propaganda.'  What evidence could they use to support that position?


    • Manifest Destiny means moving West. 
    • The white angel is bringing good things and progress while chasing out darkness. 
    • There are new forms of transportation, such as the railroads. 
    • It shows that dark skinned people, such as Native Americans, were always running away and never stood and fought. 

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    What is the message of this cartoon?


    • The US and China work too closely together to build new cars. 
    • The US uses too much gas and pays for it by borrowing money from China. 
    • The US loans money to China so they can buy gas from us. 
    • Most of the US population drives big, old cars. 

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    What bias did the cartoonist have?


    • HE thought that more people should vote for the Republican Party. 
    • He thought that African Americans were worth less than whites, so laws shouldn't be made to help them.. 
    • He thought that people with big lips should run for office. 
    • He was under the impression that more blacks were going to vote democratic so he wanted them to change opinions. 

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    What bias does Paul Revere show in this cartoon?


    • He thinks the Americans are cowards for sunning away. 
    • He thinks the British are violent against innocent Americans. 
    • He thinks that there are only white people in Boston. 
    • He thinks that there should be more blood on the streets of Boston. 

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    How is this an example of propaganda?


    • He is trying to warn Americans not to stand up to the British. 
    • He is trying to get people to be angry with the British. 
    • He is saying that fewer Americans could do a better job fighting the British. 
    • He wants to British captain to go to jail. 

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    How is this cartoon by Paul Revere an example of propaganda?


    • He is trying to remind people how a coffin should look. 
    • He is trying to get people to think that the British are murderers. 
    • He wanted people to think about the names of the people who died. 
    • He is trying to make people scared of the British so they wouldn't protest. 

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    go to and answer the question!



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