Age of Jackson: Crash Course History

Age of Jackson: Crash Course History 

Students will learn about the Age of Jackson 

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  1. 00:00:58 

    Who was allowed to vote in elections in the early 1800's? 


    • White males and females that owned land  
    • White males, they didn't have to own land at this point in time.  
    • White males that owned land  

  2. 00:01:32 

    Did a person who worked his own land need other people to help him?


    • Yes  
    • No  

  3. 00:03:02 

    What policy/doctrine did the speaker just reference (Europe isn't allowed to colonize anywhere in the Western Hemisphere)? 


    • Madison Policy  
    • Monroe Doctrine  
    • Agrarian Ideal 

  4. 00:04:21 

    Which states were admitted as slave states? 


    • Missouri  
    • Georgia  
    • Michigan  
    • Oregon  

  5. 00:04:38 

    Hopefully you catch his sarcasm and realize this only delayed the Civil War... 



  6. 00:05:24 

    What was Martin Van Buren credited for starting? 


    • Democratic Republicans  
    • Democratic Party  
    • Federalist  

  7. 00:06:32 

    What was Andrew Jackson so popular for? 


    • Killing Native Americans  
    • Winning the Battle of New Orleans  
    • Helping George Washington win the Civil War  

  8. 00:07:02 

    Was Andrew Jackson a murderer? 


    • No killing Native Americans doesn't count  
    • Yes he killed many people in duels and slaughtered Native Americans  

  9. 00:07:32 

    What characteristics did the typical member of the Democratic party have?


    • Lower to middle class men  
    • Farmers  
    • Suspicious of the widening gap between the rich and the poor  
    • Middle to upper class men  
    • Slave owners  
    • Lower to middle class women  

  10. 00:08:52 

    Why was South Carolina so mad after the tariff of 1828? 


    • They put all their money into industry and not slavery 
    • They put all their money into slavery and not industry 

  11. 00:09:47 

    What do you think 'appropriate Indian land' means? 


    • Ask the Indians to move nicely  
    • Take from them  
    • Give them the best land after kicking them off their land  

  12. 00:10:36 

    What percentage of Indians died on the Trail of Tears? 


    • 20% 
    • 25% 
    • 50% 
    • 33% 

  13. 00:11:08 

    This part doesn't matter to you! Pay attention again at the 12:00 mark. 



  14. 00:12:37 

    What powerful tool of policy did Andrew Jackson use more than any president before him?


    • Executive order  
    • Veto  
    • Supreme Court rulings  

  15. 00:13:05 

    What did the Spoils System do? 


    • gave opponents of Andrew Jackson jobs and political appointments  
    • Gave supports of Andrew Jackson jobs and political appointments  
    • when parents give their kids everything  

  16. 00:13:27 

    Who is inflation bad for?


    • its not bad, more dollar bills = good times!  
    • wage workers and eventually everyone  

  17. 00:13:42 

    Was Andrew Jackson's bank policy great or awful? 


    • Great 
    • Awful  

  18. 00:14:06 

    What did Andrew Jackson do for the American presidency?


    • expanded political power  
    • argued that the president is the most important democratic position in the government  
    • created a great system of banking 
    • argued that the power of the president should be decreased 
    • argued that the Legislative branch was the most democratic form  

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