Presidency Video-1913-1945

Presidency Video-1913-1945 

I can describe the history, functions and responsibilities of the executive branch 

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    How did Roosevelt's campaign allow Wilson to win?


    • He campaigned for Wilson to win so Taft would lose. 
    • His candidacy split the Republican vote and Wilson was able to win as a Democrat 
    • He mobilized progressives to vote Democrat. 
    • He pushed too many people away from the Republican party. 

  2. 00:03:30 

    What was Wilson's strength as a president?


    • His ability to work like a machine. 
    • His skills with speeches. 
    • His ability to create a collegial and team-like atmosphere 
    • His ability to charm people and entertain them. 

  3. 00:05:11 

    What were the crises that Wilson had to deal with in his first term? Check all that apply.


    • Creating the Federal Reserve to regulate banks. 
    • The death of his wife Ellen 
    • The sinking of the Lusitania 
    • The start of World War I in Europe 

  4. 00:07:58 

    Which of the following was not an example of how Wilson supported American ideals during World War I? 


    • Allowing Pershing to maintain American troops to help show American commitment 
    • Allowing sedition laws to be passed that prohibited criticizing the government 
    • Supporting a League of Nations to help create peace one day 
    • Supporting troop efforts by raising sheep on the White House lawn 

  5. 00:09:26 

    How would you characterize Wilson's trip to Europe? 


    • A failure because he had to give in on issues and compromise 
    • A success because people admired him and he was able to get most of what he wanted 
    • A success because he was the first sitting American president to visit Europe 
    • A failure because he wasn't able to prevent World War II 

  6. 00:11:31 

    What did President Wilson's health end up having to do with the League of Nations treaty's defeat?


    • Edith Wilson did not do a good job explaining what he wanted after his stroke, so the Senate was confused. 
    • Because of his stroke, he was unable to push for the treaty's approval and senators defeated it.  
    • Because of his stroke, the American people thought that he was too weak to be able to make it work.  
    • Edith Wilson was in charge after his stroke, and she did not want it passed. 

  7. 00:12:29 

    What problem did Wilson first have to deal with that we're still trying to sort out today?


    • What our place in the world is, and how to deal with other countries. 
    • How to fix every other country's problems. 
    • What we can do to stop every other country from fighting wars. 
    • How to prevent another Adolf Hitler from gaining power. 

  8. 00:14:37 

    Why was Harding's cabinet probably so important? 


    • He had a reputation for being too excited and needed them to calm him down. 
    • He did not have a reputation for being very smart, and so had smart people in his Cabinet. 
    • He needed people to help him run the country because he did not have the necessary qualities. 
    • He didn't know what to do, so he needed people to tell him how to run the country. 

  9. 00:15:53 

    Which of the following were seen as major achievements in Harding's presidency? 


    • His personality and his trip to Alaska. 
    • His budget act and his arms reduction conference 
    • His budget act and his ability to talk to people 
    • His arms reduction conference and his trip to Alaska 

  10. 00:16:44 

    What was Teapot Dome about? 


    • Leasing land for farming to rich farmers 
    • Leasing land for oil and getting bribes to do it 
    • Leasing land for oil and selling oil to Germany 
    • Leasing farming land for oil and selling it for profit 

  11. 00:19:33 

    What are the things that Calvin Coolidge is known for as a person? Check all that apply.


    • Having a great sense of humor. 
    • Riding a mechanical horse for exercise. 
    • Enjoying fishing 
    • Telling amazing stories for his family and friends. 

  12. 00:20:48 

    What were ways that Calvin Coolidge helped the government stay small and businesses grow? Check all that apply


    • Cut bonuses for World War I veterans 
    • Cut pay for postal workers 
    • Helped pass laws which helped businesses. 
    • Built temples to help show the future and its plans.  

  13. 00:22:53 

    What made Herbert Hoover qualified to be president?


    • His experience getting food to starving people. 
    • His experience working for two other presidents. 
    • His experience as a lawmaker. 
    • His experience dealing with the military and Red Cross 

  14. 00:24:38 

    What was Herbert Hoover's idea about 'big business'? 


    • It was good, no matter what. 
    • It was a good thing, but could get greedy. 
    • It needed to be tightly controlled. 
    • It led to a lot of fashion choices in collars. 

  15. 00:26:57 

    What did Hoover do in reaction to the Great Depression?


    • Nothing 
    • Started government programs to help workers 
    • Asked companies to voluntarily improve workers' lives 
    • Supported efforts to regulate companies more 

  16. 00:27:31 

    Which of the following terms were used to show Hoover's connection to the Great Depression? Check all that apply.


    • Hoover flag-an empty pocket 
    • Hoover Hotel: a cardboard shack 
    • Hooverville: a collection of cardboard shacks 
    • Hoovermobile: a car that ran out of gas 

  17. 00:29:04 

    Why did Roosevelt say 'this elects me' when he heard about what MacArthur had done to the WWI vets?


    • Because he knew Hoover had made the decision about the camp being burned down. 
    • Because he knew Hoover would be blamed for WWI veterans being paid too much money  
    • Because he knew Hoover would be blamed for MacArthur's actions against WWI veterans 
    • Because he knew he was going to fix the Great Depression 

  18. 00:30:20 

    What made FDR (Franklin Delano Roosevelt) suited for the challenges of the presidency?


    • He could show sympathy for disabled people, since he had polio 
    • His political flexibility and his charisma 
    • His background as a wealthy only child 
    • His many challenges as a politician  

  19. 00:32:02 

    What type of personality did FDR have?


    • Very outgoing and easy to know and relate to 
    • Private, but engaging and exciting to meet 
    • Rude and obnoxious, and drank too much champagne 
    • Very close to his family, and open about his disability 

  20. 00:33:45 

    How did FDR run his office as a president?


    • He had a very organized cabinet, and was able to effectively communicate with the public.  
    • He had his cabinet members compete for his attention, which led to bad ideas and communication. 
    • He had very little organization in his cabinet, but it led to ideas he could easily communicate to American people. 
    • He used his power to turn his cabinet against each other, so that he could look better to the American people. 

  21. 00:34:43 

    Why were FDR's first 100 days so important?


    • Because he ended the Depression. 
    • Because he was able to start New Deal programs. 
    • Because he was able to get laws passed to keep neutrality. 
    • Because he was able to do many speeches that made people feel better. 

  22. 00:35:25 

    Why was Eleanor Roosevelt so important to the presidency and the New Deal?


    • She was able to push laws through Congress. 
    • She was able to visit and see the country, and report back to FDR about it. 
    • She was able to walk and talk better than FDR, so she was able to communicate his ideas. 
    • She was able to make others feel guilty for not helping as much, by being a conscience for them. 

  23. 00:36:25 

    What was FDR's success during the Great Depression?


    • He was able to end it economically before WWII started. 
    • He was able to help people believe that they would get through it.  
    • He was able to pass Social Security to end the Great Depression. 
    • He was able to pass New Deal programs that ended the Great Depression. 

  24. 00:38:18 

    What caused FDR to have problems during his second term?


    • Legislative gridlock because people were tired of the New Deal 
    • He lost influence after trying, and failing, to put more justices on the Supreme Court. 
    • People saw him as ineffective and whining. 
    • He lost influence after selecting the first woman to be in his cabinet 

  25. 00:40:15 

    Why was December 7, 1941, a 'day that will live in infamy'? (infamy means being well known for some bad quality or deed.)



    • Because it made FDR a war president and he didn't want to be one. 
    • Because Japan attacked Pearl Harbor without warning, entering us into WWII 
    • Because we declared war on Japan and Germany 
    • Because FDR decided to declare war and attack Japan 

  26. 00:41:44 

    What were seen as low points during FDR's leadership during WWII? Check all that apply.


    • Interning Japanese Americans into internment camps. 
    • Not doing enough to help European Jewish refugees 
    • Not selecting the best leadership for the armed forces 
    • Not doing enough to stop the concentration camps 

  27. 00:42:40 

    Why was D-Day so important?


    • It was a huge risk to invade mainland Europe 
    • It was a monumental invasion to get into Europe and end the war in Europe 
    • It failed, but the U.S. was still able to help win the war. 
    • The British and French were able to get revenge on the Germans. 

  28. 00:43:29 

    How did FDR and Churchill fulfill the dream of Wilson?


    • They convinced Stalin to go along with a plan for the United Nations. 
    • They created a new world order without Stalin 
    • They ended the war in Yalta. 
    • They were able to create a League of Nations like Wilson had wanted. 

  29. 00:44:48 

    How did FDR change the very idea of the presidency?


    • He gave them a perfect model for dealing with crises. 
    • He created a larger and more expansive view of what a president could actually do with their powers. 
    • He became the biggest president the world had ever seen. 
    • He used his powers to end the Depression and win World War II.  

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