Maybury vs. Madison

Maybury vs. Madison 

Students will comprehend the essential elements of the Maybury vs. Madison Case 

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  1. 00:00:08 

    What year started the Madison VS. Marbury court case?


    • 1491 
    • 1800 
    • 1776 

  2. 00:00:13 

    True or False, the Federalist party of John Adams defeated the Democrat Republicans of Thomas Jefferson


    • True 
    • False 

  3. 00:00:25 

    Thomas Jefferson didn't want what?


    • The judges that John Adams appointed the federal courts across the country. 
    • The congressmen that John Adams lobbied to join his party. 
    • Help to transition to a new government. 

  4. 00:00:39 

    Once a new President was elected, when did the Inauguration take place?


    • January of the following year. 
    • March 
    • January of the preceding year. 

  5. 00:01:05 

    John Adams realizes that he and his party will be the minority once they lose power in the Executive and Legislative branches of Government.



  6. 00:01:17 

    What does John Adams do to try to maintain power?


    • Expand the number of judgeships in the United States federal courts. 
    • Create a coup to overthrow the government. 

  7. 00:01:39 

    The term 'Midnight Judges' means what.


    • Judges who pass laws around midnight. 
    • Judges who go to bed before midnight. 
    • Judges who were appointed by John Adams in the early morning before power was going to change from Adams to Jefferson. 

  8. 00:01:52 

    What roles did John Marshall hold?


    • President of the United States 
    • Secretary of State 
    • Chief Justice of Supreme Court 

  9. 00:02:17 

    Why weren't all of the orders given to create all of the Federalist judges that John Adams wanted?


    • John Marshall ran out of time delivering every document. 
    • The documents were burned in the trash. 
    • The documents didn't have the signature of the new President. 

  10. 00:02:34 

    What did Thomas Jefferson tell John Madison not to do?


    • Take an oath of secrecy. 
    • Deliver the rest of the documents to create Federalist judges. 

  11. 00:03:13 

    Judge Marbury learned about the 'Writ of Mandamus'.  What is the 'Writ of Mandamus'?


    • A document named after Mandamus 
    • Gives the Supreme Court the right to mandate law and/or rules and policies. 
    • The writing of a mandamus law. 

  12. 00:03:24 

    Marbury wants the Supreme Court to do what?


    • Make him a judge. 
    • Make him president. 

  13. 00:03:55 

    Did John Marshall like Marbury?


    • Yes 
    • No, he hated Federalists. 

  14. 00:04:06 

    True/False - The congress suspends the Supreme Court for a full year.


    • True 
    • False 

  15. 00:04:44 

    What would happen if John Marshall declined to listen to the United States Government by making Marbury a Federalist Judge?


    • It would make the United States seem more powerful. 
    • It would weaken the power the Supreme Court has. 
    • It would force Jefferson to accept John Adams as a Circuit Judge. 

  16. 00:05:12 

    John Marshall asks 3 essential questions. 

    Question #1 - Was there any legal harm done to the rule of Law if Marbury is not made a Federalist Judge.



  17. 00:05:32 

    Question #2 - Was there a remedy at Law for those legal injuries?



  18. 00:05:48 

    Question #3 - Can the Supreme Court do anything about it?



  19. 00:06:34 

    Marbury believes that if you use the Judiciary Act of 1789 you can change the constitution simply by legislating it.  One can change the 1st amendment simply by creating a law to change it.


    • True 
    • False 

  20. 00:07:30 

    Judicial Review is the court's


    • Weakest Power 
    • Greatest Power - only the Supreme Court can examine laws and determine what is constitutional and what is law. 

  21. 00:08:03 

    The Supreme Court can say what the Law is solely because of which court case?


    • Marbury Vs. Madison 
    • Jefferson vs. Adams 

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