UT2 Revision Package

UT2 Revision Package 

This package will revise key concepts covered in Problem 1 to 9 

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    Jenna was watching the news one night when she saw an interesting village, Kampong Bahagia, in Western Java being featured. The news showed all the twins living in the village and the news narrator then mentioned that the twins formed about 60% of the entire population in the village – every family has at least one pair of twins.  What is Jenna’s way of knowing that twins formed 60% of the entire population in Kampong Bahagia?


    • Reasoning 
    • Senses 
    • Testimony 
    • Intuition 

  2. 00:11:16 

    Jenna is not happy with her online search results for her geography project because there are too many search results that do not focus on the aspect she wants to examine - The impact of global warming in Singapore. Which of the following search phrases would help her narrow her search? 


    • ‘Geography’ and ‘Global Warning’ 
    • ‘Global Warming’ or ‘Ozone Depletion’ 
    • ‘Global warming’ and ‘Asia’ 
    • ‘Global warming’ and ‘Singapore’ 

  3. 00:11:18 

    Jenna was asked to plan picnic activities for a group of primary school children. The following are some steps which she needs to complete to plan for the event. Rank the following steps. Which should she do first?


    Step 1: Refine activities and put them into relevant timeslots


    Step 2: Suggest possible activities that can be don


    Step 3: Decide on the most suitable activities


    • Step 1, Step 3, Step 2 
    • Step 1, Step 2, Step 3 
    • Step 2, Step 3, Step 1 

  4. 00:11:19 

    Refer to the following complaint letter written by Bryan and attempt the next 2 questions.


    I was at the Chomp's outlet at Bukit Panjang Plaza on Monday at around 4.30pm and ordered a coffee while I went through my textbook. The outlet manager came to me at around 6.30pm and told me that I could not study in the restaurant and had to leave.

    I wonder how Chomp's defines 'studying'? Does it mean that customers are not allowed to read? Would another customer holding a book in his hand reading for hours be told that reading is not allowed? Would another customer who is having his coffee and surfing the Internet be told that that is not allowed?

    I fully understand that the restaurant has to enforce a “no studying' rule so customers do not deprive others of seats, especially during peak hours. However, it was unreasonable of the outlet manager to assume I was studying. In any case, I had not finished my coffee and there were many empty tables around anyway. Also, there was no notice in the restaurant to state that reading or studying was not allowed.



    Which of the statements below best describes the MAIN problem of the “no studying” rule, as highlighted by Bryan in the above letter?


    • The problem is that the ban on studying is unfair to students who are customers too. 
    • The problem is the lack of a notice to state that studying is not allowed. 
    • The problem is the outlet manager who was rude and inconsiderate. 
    • The problem is that there could be different interpretations of “studying”. 

  5. 00:11:22 

    Identify the assumptions made by the outlet manager that led him to conclude that Bryan was studying. 


    (I): The manager saw Bryan reading a book.


    (II): The manager thinks that when someone is reading a book, that person is studying.


    (III): The manager thinks that Bryan is studying because he is surfing the internet.


    (IV): The manager saw that Bryan only order a coffee.


    (V):  The manager requests that customers do not study in Chomp.


    • I & II only 
    • II & III only 
    • IV & V only 
    • II & IV only 

  6. 00:17:25 

    An important step in the process of analysis is to determine the relevant components of the subject. Which of the following MOST accurately reflects this step?


    • Good movies should have famous directors and actors. 
    • The most delicious food is cooked with lots of love. 
    • There are seven members in our team – Azri, Benjamin, Cheng, Daniel, Pam, Sally and Elaine.  
    • The quality of a hand phone can be examined in terms of design, battery life and user-friendliness.  

  7. 00:17:26 

    Siti wants to analyse why a shopping mall in the western part of Singapore is doing badly. Which of the following lists contains the components MOST suitable for this analysis? 


    • Shopping, Western, Poor business 
    • Difficulties, Pros, Cons 
    • Location, Types of Shops, Competitors 
    • Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities 

  8. 00:17:29 

    Valentino is planning to bring his girlfriend out for dinner on Christmas, which is also her birthday. His girlfriend enjoys a western course dinner but does not want him to spend too much money. Valentino wants to have a quiet, romantic dinner with her.


    Which of the following statements is the MOST likely major question Valentino has to consider when deciding where to bring his girlfriend for dinner?




    • Is Christmas a good time for a romantic dinner? 
    • What is Valentino’s budget for this dinner? 
    • What present shall I give her for this Christmas/birthday? 
    • What is the best way to get to the restaurant? 

  9. 00:20:44 

    During the height of the dengue fever epidemic, the newspaper reported many claims about this situation.  Which of the following claims is non-verifiable?


    • There is no known vaccine available to treat Dengue fever. 
    • Dengue symptoms include a fever (which can last up to 7 days). 
    • Those that contract Dengue develop immunity to the particular strain. 
    • People experience an intense headache after contracting 

  10. 00:20:46 

    Haikal was concerned about the rising number of Dengue cases and started to read about this in an Internet forum.  He came across these 3 claims: 


    Claim 1: The Aedes mosquito is responsible for spreading Dengue


    Claim 2: Dengue has resulted in death.


    Claim 3: It takes a long time to recover from Dengue.


    Which of the claims are facts?


    • Claims 1 and 2 
    • Claims 2 and 3 
    • Claims 1 and 3 
    • Claims 1, 2 and 3 

  11. 00:20:49 

    In response to the dengue epidemic, the Singapore National Environment Agency (NEA) decided to adopt a holistic approach in analysing the problem. Which of the following approach is holistic? 


    • Examine rain patterns. 
    • Examine the areas where stagnant water can be found. 
    • Examine rain patterns and areas where stagnant water can be found. 
    • Examine rain patterns and how it increases stagnant water levels. 

  12. 00:20:50 

    After organising a public campaign to increase the awareness of Woodlands residents about Dengue, NEA decided to evaluate the effectiveness of the campaign. Which of the following should be the purpose of their evaluation?


    • To calculate the amount of money spent on the campaign. 
    • To find out how many households in Woodlands were found with stagnant water. 
    • To determine the number of new Dengue cases in Singapore. 
    • To measure the number of people who board trains in the Woodlands. 

  13. 00:20:51 

    Dr Koh, a health scientist from the Ministry of Health, wanted to evaluate how quickly patients with Dengue fever could be treated in the hospital. He determined ‘hospital manpower’ as a consideration. Which of the following could be a criterion for this consideration?


    • Are the hospital staff members well-trained? 
    • Are there enough doctors available? 
    • Are the nurses trained in dealing with Dengue cases? 
    • Are the patients treated quickly? 

  14. 00:22:45 

    Consider the following deductive argument.


    Premise 1: All Singaporeans are rich.


    Premise 2: ____________________ .


    Conclusion: Luke is rich.


    Which of the following premises would allow for the stated conclusion to be made? 


    • Luke is hardworking. 
    • Luke is a Singaporean. 
    • Luke’s sister, who is a Singaporean, is rich. 
    • Luke is a successful Thai businessman. 

  15. 00:22:46 

    Consider the following:


    Premise 1: All the boys in class 4B are taller than all the girls in class 4C.


    Premise 2: Jane is 150cm tall and she is the tallest girl in class 4C.


    Premise 3: Bob is 148cm tall.


    Conclusion: ________________________________


    Which logical conclusion can we draw from the three given premises?


    • Bob is not from class 4B. 
    • Bob is from class 4B. 
    • Bob is short for a boy. 
    • Bob is from class 4C. 

  16. 00:22:48 

    Consider the following argument:


    For the past 3 years, Holly’s grandma suffered pain in her joints just before it is about to rain. Therefore, whenever Holly’s grandma’s joints are painful, it will rain soon after.


    What type of argument is this?


    • It is a deductive argument. 
    • It is a inductive argument. 
    • It is a valid argument. 
    • It is a sound argument. 

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