Le Chandail de Hockey

Le Chandail de Hockey 

Je peux.../I can...understand an authentic text about the sport. 

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  1. 00:01:02 

    Growing up in Québec, what two things were mandatory?


    • Good snow gear and a horse. 
    • Going to church and Saturday night hockey games. 
    • A radio and snow shoes. 

  2. 00:01:30 

    What is the name of the beloved hockey player?


    • Guy Carbonneau 
    • Wayne Gretzky 
    • Maurice Richard 

  3. 00:02:09 

    What team did the narrator consider the best team in the world?


    • Montréal Canadians 
    • Toronto Maple Leafs 
    • Boston Bruins 

  4. 00:02:36 

    What does 'à la manière' mean?


    • to have good manners 
    • in the same style, manner, fashion 
    • to be one of the many 

  5. 00:03:23 

    What number jersey did they all wear?


    • Nine 
    • three 
    • six 

  6. 00:03:47 

    What does chandail mean?


    • kitchen 
    • laundry 
    • sweater/jersey 

  7. 00:04:01 

    What is Eaton?


    • The brand of cookies he likes to eat. 
    • A magazine 
    • A mail order company. 

  8. 00:04:22 

    What is his mother's problem regarding the catalog?


    • They don't have what she is looking for. 
    • The catalog is in English and she doesn't speak English. 
    • The pictures are not in color. 

  9. 00:04:42 

    How does she solve her problem?


    • She writes a letter to the company. 
    • She fills out the order form anyway. 
    • She has her son place the order. 

  10. 00:04:54 

    What does she hope to buy?


    • New Shoes 
    • A new hockey jersey for her son. 
    • A hat. 

  11. 00:05:19 

    How long did it take for the new hockey jersey to arrive?


    • 2 months 
    • 2 days 
    • 2 weeks 

  12. 00:06:29 

    Why does he cry?


    • It is not the team of his favorite player. 
    • It doesn't fit. 
    • It is the jersey meant for a child. 

  13. 00:07:13 

    Why does Monsieur Eaton send a Maple Leafs jersey instead of a Canadians jersey?


    • It was the only one they had. 
    • Because he didn't understand the letter written in French. 
    • Because he is an English speaking Canadian who likes the Maple Leafs. 

  14. 00:07:34 

    What is 'la patinoire'


    • Hockey jersey 
    • Ice rink 
    • Hockey stick 

  15. 00:08:00 

    What happens at the rink when he shows up with the rival's team jersey?


    • He is benched. 
    • He gets to play goalie. 
    • He gets hurt. 

  16. 00:08:58 

    Why is he sent to church?


    • To get warm 
    • To thank God for his new jersey. 
    • To pray for forgiveness for his anger. 

  17. 00:09:25 

    What does he actually pray for?


    • To wake up and for this all to be a dream. 
    • Lots of moths to come eat his new jersey. 
    • More time to play hockey. 

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