Hackschooling: Design Your Education

Hackschooling: Design Your Education 

Making Learning Personal 

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  1. 00:00:25 

    Do you know what you would like to be when you grow up?


    • Yes 
    • No 

  2. 00:00:55 

    When you answer the question about what you want to be when you grow up, is it...


    • based on what you love? 
    • what you think adults want to hear? 

  3. 00:01:15 

    What does Logan want to be when he grows up?


    • A banker 
    • Happy 

  4. 00:01:52 

    Why are teenagers creative, impulsive, and moody?


    • They are trying to annoy their parents. 
    • It's the way their brain works. 

  5. 00:02:40 

    How does one become happy and healthy?


    • You go to college, get married, and get a job. 
    • You practice. 

  6. 00:03:08 

    Do you agree that these eight things are important to being happy and healthy?


    • Yes 
    • No 

  7. 00:05:29 

    According to Logan's definition, what is a hacker?


    • Someone who lives in a basement and works on a computer? 
    • Someone who creates new ways of doing things. 

  8. 00:06:01 

    Take a screenshot of this and add it to a new note titled Hackschool your My Learning portfolio.  Did you do it?


    • Yes 
    • No 

  9. 00:06:44 


    • You have to homeschool in order to be happy and healthy. 
    • Even in traditional schools we can hackschool to focus on creativity. 

  10. 00:06:56 

    Does that sound like anything different than you do in school?


    • No 
    • Yes 

  11. 00:07:25 

    What is different about the way he studies writing now?


    • Nothing. He is still writing about rainbows. 
    • He is motivated to write. 

  12. 00:08:26 

    How is Logan learning about science?


    • By only doing fun things outside of school. 
    • By learning science concepts and connecting that to experiences. 

  13. 00:09:44 

    What did Logan learn from the ski shop?


    • How to ski 
    • How to use math, creativity, and sewing skills 

  14. 00:10:06 

    Why does he enjoy his internship?


    • Because he is learning how to create and sell something he likes. 
    • He enjoys cleaning as much as any other person. 

  15. 00:10:58 

    Take a minute to think about the difference between the questions:

    What you want to be? and What you want to do?  Do you see the difference?


    • Yes. 
    • No. 

  16. 00:11:01 

    Please return to Haiku for the remainder of this lesson.


    • ok. 

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