Kim Woodrum

Kim Woodrum

I am a Senior Lecturer at the University of Kentucky. My area of of study is chemical education, especially as it pertains to the large lecture learning environment. I teach freshman chemistry classes for both majors and nonmajors and have always been respected as a good lecturer. However student's laptops and cell phones have caused a major shift in my effectiveness as a lecturer. I could not compete with the distractions these devices cause. I and one of my colleagues caused quite a stir when we announced to the department chair that we are no longer lecturing. I have created a completed flipped general chemistry course for science majors and PlayPosit plays an integral role. The students watch my lectures via PlayPosit, obtain a grade for the questions they answer (a mere 5% of their grade). Then, in the classroom we work on chemistry problems in a group setting. I won't go into the means by which I manage the classroom. But, with regard to the PlayPosit, it has enabled me to completely shift how the students learn and has enabled me to create a very effective learning environment in my large lecture (100 - 150 students) classroom.

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