Monday, April 25, 2016

Choosing the Perfect PlayPosit Package for you

PlayPosit offers three basic editions to choose from. Find below details on the package that best fits your classroom and school needs.

PlayPosit Basic

This package is perfect to get a taste of the full power of PlayPosit. Create as many video bulbs (our term for videos with embedded questions) as you'd like and deliver to unlimited students. Seamlessly incorporate multiple choice, free response, and reflective pause questions into the online video of your choosing. Receive basic analytics on who watched your video and which concepts challenged your students.

PlayPosit Master Teacher Package

Engage Deeply

Embed higher order and advanced interactions into your video instruction.
  • Advanced cropping: Video contains extraneous or inappropriate content? Remove any portion of a video with the 'skip segment' question type.
  • Student Created Bulbs: Stimulate your students' highest Bloom's by having them act as the instructor and create their own PlayPosit bulbs!
  • Autograded short answers: Students type in their response to your question and their responses are automatically graded
  • Third-party websites: At the moment in time you designate, have students interact with a third-party website (article, game, etc.). We feed you analytics on how long the student spends on your activity.
  • Check all that apply: Allow the learner to select more than one response as correct from a list of answers

Save Time

No need to reinvent the wheel with access to our database of 300,000+ teacher-created bulbs. Our advanced algorithm prioritizes the best videos with embedded questions, making it dead simple to plug and play a bulb for your next learning objective.

As a member of our Master Teacher package you get access to a live chat with a pedagogy expert from our support team. Need a walkthrough of the platform? Need help finding the perfect bulb for your students? We can help with that.

All of the bulb questions you embed are available as PDF worksheets that your students can print or interact with offline. All student scores are also downloadable as an excel spreadsheet for easy integration with your current gradebook system.

School + District Editions
The PlayPosit School and District editions are specifically tailored for educational institutions and school leaders. On top of all the features within the Master Teacher package, school leaders are given access to an Admin dashboard to monitor and track teacher usage. More than that, with the school package, it is easy to deliver professional development to teachers within your school. Read a case study within Education Week on flipping professional development with PlayPosit.  
For our school partners we offer integrations with your school's Learning Management System (Blackboard, Moodle, Canvas, etc.). No need for teachers and students to create new accounts for PlayPosit - we'll automatically pull in login information from the system you have in place. Gradebook integration sends PlayPosit student data directly into your LMS gradebook.
The School & District Editions include a dedicated pedagogy specialist to ensure that your teachers are equipped with the background and tools to fully utilize the power of PlayPosit. Ongoing support webinars keep your instructors updated with the latest and greatest strategies for flipped and blended instruction.

Reach out to, if you have any questions about the PlayPosit school edition. We love to chat!

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

How to Flip your Professional Development

A few years ago, flipped instruction, was a concept touted by only the most adventurous of educators.  Now, however, the movement has taken off from being a rare practice to an integral part of thousands of classrooms all over the world. According to research from online course provider Sophia Learning and the Flipped Learning Network, the number of teachers who have flipped a lesson has grown from 48 percent in 2012 to 78 percent in 2015. Moreover, google trend reports (see graph below) analyzing the quantity of searches for the term ‘flipped classroom’ point out that interest in this movement has grown by magnitudes within the last five years. Also within the graph below you’ll notice a relatively constant quantity of search for the term since 2013, counteracting the common criticism that the flipped classroom is a fad destined to fade away.

Along with this rapid growth of adapting flipped methodologies with classroom students, flipped instruction has recently become a mainstay for instructional leaders to provide differentiated learning pathways for educators at their school. Use cases vary among strategies to administer state testing, manage classroom behavior, incorporate the newest learning management system, and much more. 

Flipped Professional Development at Hudson Middle 

I chatted with Misty Mitchell, Media Specialist/Educational Technology Specialist on the Middle School Campus of Hudson ISD, to learn more about why and how they are flipping professional development. 

As Misty points out, before flipping, professional development simply did not effectively connect with teachers. During their conference period, teachers were required to come in and sit for an hour, passively listening to the instructor go through a powerpoint presentation. As Misty points out "If you are only using lecture style teaching, it doesn’t matter whether you are teaching students or the most experienced teachers, it is simply not effective”. During traditional lecture style professional development, attendees do not listen, they lose focus, and in many cases get angry because an hour of their time is wasted. More than that, the PD instructor has no way to track who understands their content and consequently they have no way to fine tune their presentation to the needs of their audience. 

Cristina Peterson
Realizing the inefficiencies with the traditional professional development model, Cristina Peterson, the counselor who oversees the administration of state tests at Hudson Middle, decided to flip her professional development. The transition to flipping was simple. She took the same professional development lecture she was delivering live except now she ran a screen recording application (like Screencast-o-matic) in the background while talking through her powerpoint slides. In order to incorporate accountability and receive data on the understanding of concepts, she embedded questions into the recording using PlayPosit. The end result is an accountable video lesson demonstrating to instructors what is required for the state test’s writing samples:

Following the at-home video lecture, teachers come in for a live hands-on session with their teacher trainer, Cristina. Since Cristina already has data from PlayPosit on viewing behavior and which concepts were the most challenging, the live sessions are seriously condensed with a focus on only the training that needs to happen. Teachers appreciate the time saved and are generally more engaged during the live sessions as a result of the personalized instruction. Furthermore, for the teachers with no experience with flipping, this is a great introduction to the practice. After experiencing the benefits of flipping (more hands-on time with the instructor, deeper conversations, more critical thinking, etc.) first-hand, they are ready to introduce the methodology into their own classroom. 

At schools like Hudson Middle, flipping has evolved from a strategy to more deeply engage students, to a strategy adopted by nearly all stakeholders within the school. Are you at a school flipping professional development or in the process of considering the practice? If so, we’d love to learn more about your school and use case! Shoot me email at